Our Promise to You

Provide our medical community with a industry specific professional call center experience at extremely competitive prices.

With family connections to both traditional answering services and the medical community, our management team realized the need to set up an answering service that focused completely on professionals in the medical field.


We accomplish our mission every day by only accepting medical clients into our organization, offering rewards to our hard working employees and exceeding the expectations of our clients.

Meet Some Of Our Team

Adam Joel

President and CEO

Adam has been in the answering service industry for over 18 years.  He leads our call center from the trenches and is always paying close attention to our evolving medical community.  He has an obsession for keeping pace with new procedures and technology and strives to be the leader of our industry.

Adam has a wonderful Wife for support and 4 young children to keep him young (and tired).

Alexander Basileo


Alex works very hard to keep a happy balance between our customers and our shareholders.  He ensures we are offering our clients the most competitive pricing possible while at the same time keeping our shareholders happy and satisfied with our progress.

Alex loves fishing with his wife and two kids and has an insatiable passion for cooking!

Haley Cluett

COO / General Manager

Haley has been with The Doctors Answer since our very first call in 1986.  Through her unyielding dedication and her insane ability to strive in our fast paced call center environment she has successfully become the point person for our entire call center.

Haley absolutely loves animals & has 2 big dogs and multiple cats. A day does not go by where she does not tell someone in our call center how great animals are and how we should adopt shelter pets.

Benjamin Pure

Business Development Manager

Thirteen years ago Ben began his carrier as a call center agent.  When The Doctors Answer needed a professional to lead their growing marketing campaign Ben was a perfect fit for the job.  Being the youngest of 5 siblings he has a natural ability to talk with people.  He enjoys visiting customers to learn about their business so he can help implement a streamlined cost effective program.

Ben loves the outdoors.  On his downtime, he enjoys taking his family to parks and just being outside.

Carrie Engle

Marketing and Design

In short, Carrie Engle keeps us looking good. She is the talent behind our marketing campaigns and our overall company branding strategies.  From business cards to magazine publications, she is the brains behind the way The Doctors Answer looks to the rest of the world. Carrie received her graduate degree from NYC’s Pratt Institute so we can always count on her to consistently bring fresh ideas that help improve our brand within our medical community.

Carrie is a superhero wife and mother of two youngsters under 3.  In her free time, she is an amateur photographer and the voice of calmness and reason for all that know her.

Tanner Wozniak

Lead Employee Manager

Employees are our most important asset.  From front line call agents who help process thousands of emergency calls to our IT specialist who keep our network secure, having a strong leader is paramount to our success.  Tanner uses three monitor screens, an excel document for everything and an extreme attention to detail to keep us all on the right track.  Mix this with bottomless cups of coffee and Tanner has enough energy to run the city of Chicago.

Tanner lives with his fiancée in a suburb of NY and loves “gaming” in his free time. He embraces technology and enjoys keeping pace with “what’s new” in the world.

A Specialized Answering Service for Medical Professionals

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A Specialized Answering Service for Medical Professionals

The Doctors Answer provides specialized professional answering services specifically for the medical community at extremely low rates.

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