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Pharmacies Answering Service

Speciality services for specialized tasks

Calls to doctors, pharmacies, and all other medical service providers are urgent and need to be attended to with accuracy and care. Unfortunately, while a person may be willing to hold or even call back their physician however inconvenient it may seem, they will not do the same for a pharmacy. They will just dial the next available number on their list – your competitor’s. It is after all, a commoditized service.

At The Doctors Answer, we understand that calls to pharmacies are made by people in some kind of discomfort or distress hoping for a quick solution to their problems. If they are not attended to quickly enough or greeted by an automated voice or incompetent staff, they are likely to just hang up and try somewhere else.

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We, therefore, treat the management of call overflow for a pharmacy as a very specialized niche and train our staff on the importance of precision in dosage, active formulations, and prescription requirements. This ensures that every caller is attended to by someone with the required knowledge and expertise and not somebody who is alternating between calls for a pizza delivery service.

*The Doctors Answer caters only to the medical community that includes Doctors, Hospitals, Hospices, and Pharmacies. It is this single minded focus on a niche service that has allowed us to create a knowledge base of common medical language and emergency call procedures that meet HIPAA Guidelines .

We are different from most call centres who nickel and dime you with “a la carte” fees. We include all of our services and technology FREE with all our plan options. Additionally, to help save you even more money, we offer PAY AS YOU USE packages that only bill you for your actual emergency usage and nothing more.

We believe in our service and are confident you will too. That’s why we offer a 1 month risk FREE trial of our medical answering services. No strings or obligations attached.

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Saves Time

Forwarding your office phone number to your cell phone seems like an easy solution but in reality all it does is keep your phone ringing 24/7.

Attending to every call can quickly become very irritating and distracting. With our medical answering service in place, providing 24/7 care to your patients will instantly become easier and more organized. We will only send urgent calls to the on-call provider while holding routine calls for office hours.

Save time with our our pharmacy answering service
Lunch Coverage at The Doctors Answer

Daytime Overflow or Lunch Coverage

All doctors need to study each case to give the best possible advice to their patients in emergency situations. The medical answering service will give you extra time to study the case and provide a suitable medical advice.

Don't let employee vacation time or call outs effect your patient's care. Simply forward your calls to us during office hours so you can focus on running your practice. Urgent calls can be patched to the private line while routine calls can be faxed or emailed to the correct office staff. This way your callers always hear a friendly, helpful voice no matter how many employees are in (or out) of your office.

Exceptional Team - Exceptional Answering Service.

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