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Hospital Answering Service

Improved patient care at lower operational costs

Hospitals and large healthcare institutions routinely compete to provide multi–speciality physicians and a diversified panel of specialists for the best patient experience. This goal is unfortunately compromised by factors like speed and accuracy of inter-office and patient call management, a critical component to improving patient care.

Patient call volume does not follow a predictable pattern and cannot be efficiently optimized internally without impacting the quality of patient care. To keep employee costs down, many hospitals choose to partner with our answering service so we can manage their call volume 24/7, 365 days a year.

At ‘The Doctors Answer’ we cater exclusively to the healthcare industry– Hospitals, Doctors, and other medical facilities, to name just a few. This focus on patient care management coupled with our HIPAA compliant technology allows us to partner successfully with institutions and complement their workflow. To help reduce your costs, our plans are optimized to offer ‘PAY AS YOU USE’ packages which caps your expense to actual emergency usage and ensure you never overpay. Additionally, we always include all of our technology and services FREE which will further reduce your overall costs thereby improving efficiency.

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We believe in our service and we are confident you will too. That’s why we are offer a 1 month risk FREE trial of our medical answering services. No strings or obligations attached.

Here are some of the many functions we provide to our hospital clients:

  • A centralized phone number for all hospital staff to immediately reach any Hospitalist who is on-call.
  • A centralized phone number for all hospital staff to relay consults to the relevant personnel.
  • Secure messaging software to hospital staff so all messages can be sent and received in a traceable, secure, HIPAA-compliant manner.
  • We track and organize all calls in an exportable log for proper accountability and billing.

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The Doctors Answer is a hospital answering service that caters specifically and exclusively to the medical profession. In other words, our call executives will not be alternating between handling calls from your hospital, a plumbing office, or a fast-food pick up. We believe that the medical community is a specialized and highly responsible profession that requires an specialized training and an undivided focus.

Our call professionals undergo regular training to deliver a great experience on every call. They are trained to remain current with the latest and ever-changing HIPAA regulations and with the help of our terminology seminars, etiquette coaching, and common sense drills we make sure your callers will get the best possible experience on every call.

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Why Doctors Answer?

We offer our clients highly-trained representatives who take calls round the clock, 365 days a year. Our call professionals are highly motivated and committed to their job. We conduct weekly performance reviews to ensure that our clients consistently get exceptional service on every call.

The Doctors Answer’s mission is to keep everyone happy and satisfied including our customers, employees, and shareholders. We achieve this by rewarding the top performers, exceeding the expectations of our clients, and ensuring that our shareholders receive steady reliable returns on their investments.

We have the experience to get the job done right!

Knowledge is powerful and we are here to listen. Whatever your needs are we want to help you achieve them. We have built hundreds of customized action plans for hospitals, both large and small.

Our goal is to help our hospitals reduce their operational costs, improve the communication between nurses and providers, and help improve the quality of care your patients receive when they are in your hospital.

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Exceptional Team - Exceptional Answering Service.

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