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A virtual receptionist for your office, 24x7

The task of managing the routine tasks of paperwork, scheduling, and patient follow up can sometimes result in incoming calls being put on hold or even missed altogether. This is even more likely in start-up practices where a full time receptionist is simply not cost efficient. Regardless of whether you have an established practice or a newly opened one, calls are still bound to get missed when you and/or your staff is on a break or have left for the day. Unattended calls mean loss of business and translate to customer dissatisfaction.
In an ideal world, the perfect receptionist would be able to handle any number of calls, work 24x7 through weekends and holidays, never get sick or need benefits and vacation. Most importantly, they would not need to be paid in the customary slow periods when they are NOT doing any work. That is exactly what a specialized answering service like The Doctors Answer offers. We ensure that every call is handled with care and professionalism, 24x7. Our people are trained to assist patients, schedule appointments, provide directions, and act as a seamless extension of your brand and office. All at a fraction of the cost of a real receptionist!

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At ‘The Doctors Answer,’ we work exclusively with healthcare clients – Dental Practices, Doctors, and other medical facilities, to name just a few. This singular focus on patient care management coupled with our HIPAA compliant processes allows us to partner successfully with institutions and complement their work flow. To help reduce your costs, our plans are optimized to offer ‘PAY AS YOU USE’ packages which cap your expense to actual emergency usage and ensure you never overpay. Additionally, we always include all of our technology and services FREEwhich will further reduce your overall costs, thereby improving efficiency.

We believe in our service and are confident you will too. That’s why we are offer a 1 month risk FREE trial. of our medical answering services. No strings or obligations attached.

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Reduce Cost

Our sophisticated front end voicemail system can give your office a large practice appearance without the large practice costs. We can customize your greeting to specifically meet your needs while always giving the caller the option to speak to a live representative at any time during their call.

Once our agents take a message we can forward the information to the appropriate staff member via email, text, phone call or through the use of our online web portal.

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Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is the most important factor in growing your medical practice. Our virtual answering services will help you provide the best experience available to your patients by offering them call support 24/7, 365 days a year for a fraction of the price of a single receptionist.

Virtual answering services help you manage each and every call. When a call comes in, it gets transferred to The Doctors Answer. The caller gets a recorded greeting in your own voice or in the voice of any of your staff member. The calls are then categorized as emergency calls and normal ones. In case of emergencies, the message is delivered to you immediately.

Exceptional Team - Exceptional Answering Service.

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