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Why Doctors Answer?

With over 25 years of experience, we offer our clients highly-trained representatives who take calls round the clock, 365 days a year. Our call professionals are highly motivated and committed to their job. We conduct weekly performance reviews to ensure that our clients consistently get exceptional service on every call. The Doctors Answer’s mission is to keep everyone happy and satisfied, including our customers, employees, and shareholders. We achieve this by rewarding the top performers, exceeding the expectations of our clients, and ensuring that our shareholders receive steady reliable returns on their investments.

We have the experience to get the job done right!

Knowledge is powerful and we are here to listen. Whatever your needs are, we want to help you achieve them. We have built hundreds of customized action plans for hospitals, both large and small. Our goal is to help our hospitals reduce their operational costs, improve the communication between nurses and providers, and help improve the quality of care your patients receive when they are in your hospital.

Key Benefits

1.Doctors – Specific, Caters exclusively to the Medical Community

Traditional answering service providers answer calls for many types of businesses. Their agents will answer a call for a towing company on one call, a plumbing office the next, and then assist with a medical request. We, at The Doctors Answer, do not believe in this generalized model. We believe the medical community is too specialized and too complex to group them with other businesses. That's why we exclusively specialize in medical care, providing our clients with an expert answering service staff who handles everything medical, all the time.

As part of our belief that the medical community is a specialized and highly responsible profession that requires specialized training and an undivided focus, our call professionals undergo regular training to deliver a great experience on every call. They are trained to remain current with the latest and ever-changing HIPAA regulations and with the help of our terminology seminars, etiquette coaching, and common sense drills, we make sure your callers will get the best possible experience on every call.

2. HIPAA Compliant

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is a law that seeks to protect patient privacy and access to medical records. The Doctors Answer meets all the standards set by the HIPAA. We also have in place the administrative, physical, and technical safe guards as advised by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Keeping your patient's Personal Health Information (PHI) safe and protected is our priority. In addition to our encrypted web portals and secure messaging platforms, our employees undergo strict HIPAA compliance training to stay up-to-date with HIPAA regulations.

3. Increased Patient Satisfaction

Accuracy and speed of service are paramount in any medical situation. Despite the best facilities and staff, the medical profession is often let down by communication systems ill-equipped to deal satisfactorily with above average call volumes. At times like these, a single missed or unattended call can lead to disastrous consequences and erosion of trust.

Given that sickness and patient discomfort cannot conform to the pattern with which you optimize your call management systems, it is important to have backups in place that can cover for you in times of need. This gives your staff the ability to provide adequate attention to the patients in their care, secure in the knowledge that the overflow will be managed by us.

Patient satisfaction is the most important factor in growing your medical practice. Our virtual answering services will help you provide the best experience available to your patients by offering them call support 24/7, 365 days a year.

4. Risk Free Trial. Flexible Pricing Plans starting from $75 per month

To help reduce your costs, our plans are optimized to offer ‘PAY AS YOU USE’ packages which cap your expense to actual emergency usage and ensure you never overpay. Additionally, we always include all of our technology and services FREE  which will reduce your overall costs, thereby improving efficiency.

We believe in our service and are confident you will too. That’s why we are offer a 1 month risk FREE trial of our medical answering services. No strings or obligations attached.

You can try our no-obligation services without disturbing your current processes. At the end of the trial period, if our services do not meet your expectations, we will help you move back to your original process at zero cost.

5. Increased productivity at reduced costs

Our sophisticated front end voicemail system can give your office a large practice appearance without the large practice costs. We can customize your greeting to specifically meet your needs while always giving the caller the option to speak to a live representative at any time during their call. Once our agents take a message, we can forward the information to the appropriate staff member via email, text, phone call, or through the use of our online web portal which they can then answer as able.

Most importantly, this automatically prioritizes incoming calls ensuring no urgent requirement or emergency call goes unattended. Result: Manifold increase in productivity at a fraction of the price of a single additional receptionist.

6. Fewer interruptions. Better Work Life Balance.

With The Doctors Answer, medical professionals are spared the hassle of having to handle routine calls at inconvenient times – both in and out of the office. We can help maintain a balance between their professional and personal life without compromising the quality of medical care you provide to your patients.

Don't let employee vacation time or call outs impact the quality of your patient's care. Our fully trained staff will handle your practice's calls as specifically instructed. Routine calls will be forwarded to the office staff while emergency calls will be escalated to the appropriate on-call physician. This way your callers always hear a friendly, helpful voice no matter how many employees are in (or out) of your office.

7. Remain Connected 24/7

We are here to assist you with your calls 24/7/365 days a year! This includes during business hours for call overflow, weekends, and all holidays. We utilize state-of-the-art technology to ensure that every call is handled according to your established protocols ensuring Round The Clock Accessibility.

When a call gets transferred to The Doctors Answer, the caller gets a recorded greeting in the physician’s voice or in the voice of any of your staff members. The calls are then categorized as emergency calls and normal ones. In case of emergencies, the message is delivered immediately.

The Doctors Answer is the leader in connecting healthcare providers and their patients using communication solutions that can be can be easily customized to match the specific needs of each client. Our services are carefully structured to improve patient access and enhance patient-doctor satisfaction.

Exceptional Team - Exceptional Answering Service.

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